Commission for Autism Advocacy Project

I’m honored to be one of five composers asked by the Lynx Project to compose a song cycle based on the words of autistic children. For my contribution, I have written a small cycle of three songs for tenor and piano — GREAT CAMELOT — on the wonderfully poetic and deeply beautiful words of Sameer Dahar.

Sameer is a gifted teenager with autism. As he is primarily non-vocal he is a strong advocate for those who have no voice. He uses an iPad and letterboards to spell and type for communication. Despite his challenges, he is successfully pursuing his studies at the Ohio Virtual Academy online school and was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. His goal is to become an astrophysicist and writer. He is currently typing a book describing his alternative experience living with autism. Sameer participated on a self-advocacy panel at the 2014 and 2015 USAAA World Conference and presented his first PowerPoint presentation on his life experience with nonvocal autism, at the 2015 USAAA World Conference.

To learn more about the Lynx Project’s Autism Advocacy Project, check out their Autism Advocacy Project page.

To learn more about Lynx Project, check out their website.

Collaboration with Duo Cortona

I’m honored to be writing a song cycle for mezzo soprano and violin for the fabulous DUO CORTONA – can’t wait to work with mezzo Rachel Calloway Streisfeld and violinist Ari Streisfeld on this new piece on wonderful poems by Amy Lowell.

To learn more about Duo Cortona, check out their website.


Collaboration with Caitlin Vincent

Soprano and poet Caitlin Vincent has written a lovely set of poems, a work called SENTIMENT whose “general premise is emotions but also about the version of ourselves we try to present to the world. Each song leads into the next: giddy happiness followed by the inevitable plunge into depression, then anger and embarrassment for revealing too much to the audience, remorse for lashing out, and finally a plea for the world to see only the singer’s ‘best’ side.”

I’m honored to collaborate with Caitlin, and intrigued to work with a living author!

To learn more about Caitlin, check out her website.